Practical jokes-White string

This happened about ten years ago. At the time I was dating a model, and she had just come from an all day photo shoot, and she was hungry, so went to Taco Bell to get something to eat.

She was still in her outfit, and she was wearing those "dolphin" shorts that don't leave much to the imagination. So while she was busy looking at the menu, I was standing behind her checking out what I had that everybody else wanted…and I noticed a white string hanging from her black shorts.

So me being the good guy that I am, I reached down and yanked on the string, and all of a sudden she screamed out loud and doubled over in pain. Everybody in the place turned around and looked at me like I had hit her. It turned out that it was that time of the month, and the string was from her tampon! Talk about making an a*s out of yourself in public!

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