Pictures of Earth from Space - IX

Desert's End
Photograph courtesy NASA via NASA Earth Observatory
In Eastern Algeria's stretch of the Sahara, the Tifernine Dune Field - a section of the Grand Erg Oriental dune sea - meets the Tinrhert Plateau, as seen in a 2008 astronaut photograph.

Cloud Vortices
Photograph courtesy Terra/MODIS/NASA
Cloud vortices, or von Kármán vortices, create patterns in the sky near the Cape Verde Islands off northwestern Africa. The vortices are caused by wind rushing over the islands.

Fresh Flows
Image courtesy IKONOS/NASA
Fresh, dark lava flows cover the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea, on the Big Island, as seen in a 2003 satellitepicture . Kilauea is said to be home to the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele.

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