Computer Hardware Hardships

Customer : How can I use CD in my newly bought Computer
Me : Ok maam, do you know what is a CPU ?
Customer : What !!??
Me : Ok, Maam, do you see your computer is a set of three main peices, the monitor, keyboard and a rectangular cabinet with power and reset buttons on it ?
Customer : Yes, I see it.
Me: Ok, can you see on top right side of your front of cabinet, there is a small button ? Press that gently once.
Customer : Ok, its already open, what about it ? I use it daily.
Me : Thats your CD tray, place a CD... (interrupts)
Customer : Ohhhhh!!!! I thought its a coffee tray !!!!

(It was soo hilarious... i couldnt stop laughing, i transferred the call to my superior just to tell her one more add-on feature of CD tray. )

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