Best Facebook Girls Facts

What does a Girl's Profile Pic on Facebook tell Us:

1) If she is very beautiful with 1000's of friends,
It's bloody Fake :P

2) Her profile pic has lovely Katrina on it,
She is Shy, Ugly or both :D

(3) There is more than one girl in the pic,
She is most probably the Ugliest one :P

4) The pic is taken from a side angle of her face,
She is most probably fat :D

5) The pic is taken from far away,
Definitely not a fake profile,
Just try to Zoom in; with your eye lenses to figure out more of her.. :D

6) A pic with an Ugly face,
Click the back button as soon as
you can before anyone catches you red handed :P

7) A pic with a beautiful face and all profile info hidden,
She is probably the one for you :P
But don't be so excited, she wont accept your friend request.. :(
Try your luck with a Poke and a smart DP.. :P

8) A pic with a guy's face...
Ahem ahem...
Wrong number... :P

P.S (All girls please take it as a joke, not insult) :->

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