Treasures of Art Nouveau - III

This spectacularly carved wine barrel is also work by Emile Galle:

(images credit: Sven Cipido)

Another example of Ecole de Nancy ("School of Nancy" style) is the beautiful door by Emile Andre Maison Huot, 1903 (left image) and by Jacques Gruber's "Stained Glass with Roses and Gulls", 1904:

(images credit: Claudio Zieger, Art Knowledge)

Here is a truly beautiful interior: Chez Maxim's in Paris -

(images via 1, 2, 3)

On the left are the gorgeous mantel clock by Victor Horta and Candelabra by Henry van de Velde.

Not really Art Nouveau, but carrying the same sense-of-wonder and audacity in vision is the "Creation of the World" sculpture at Versailles ("Pendule de la création du monde", 1754):

(images credit: Claude Rozier, Mamnic47)

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