Height of stupidity

Examples Of Stupid Questions that
People Ask

1. When People see you Lying Down,
With Ur Eyes Closed, they Ask:
"Are You Sleeping?"
(No! I'm Trying to Die?)

2. When It's Raining & Someone
Notices You going Out, they Ask:
"Are You Going Out In this Rain?"
(No, In The Next one.)

3. Your Friend Calls on your Landline:
"Where are you?"
(At the Bus Stop!)

4. They See you Wet Coming from the
"Did You Just Have A Bath?"
(No, I Fell In the Toilet Bowl !)

5. You are Standing Right In Front Of
the Elevator On The Ground Floor &
they Ask:
"Going Up?"
(No, No, I'm Waiting for My Apartment
to Come Down & Get Me.)

6. You Bring A Bunch Of Flowers for
your Sweetheart, they Ask:
"Are those Flowers?"
(No Baby! They are Carrots.)

7. You are On The Queue to Buy
Tickets at the Cinema, A Friend Saw
You & Asks,
"What are you Doing Here?"

8. Jab bachche school se vapas aa rahe hote hain or koi known mil jaye...
Vo hamesha yehi puchege "aur beta ho gai chutti"
(nhi uncle school se bhag k aa rhe h)
stupid qns nd stupid people :-)

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